Educational Requirements for Owning or Managing a Restaurant
Hospitality Industry

Educational Requirements for Owning or Managing a Restaurant

If you are looking into owning, opening or managing a restaurant or pub, consider the education and experience requirements to succeed in this industry. The average salary of the owner of a pub or restaurant ranges from 50 to 71 thousand pounds annually but does depend on the health, stability and financial situation of your restaurant.

As an industry minimum, it is advantageous to have a high school diploma to have the necessary mathematical and science skills. A degree in hospitality and tourism management or even culinary arts is useful. If you are not educated in business, entrepreneurship or management, it can be helpful to consult someone who is, to help sort out the licenses, permits and other requirements to get your business off the ground.

It is not easy to own a restaurant or pub, as there are long hours and so many elements. There is managing a staff of service and culinary professionals, managing the books and finances, marketing and selling your brand new restaurant, customer service, and offering high quality and relevant food and drinks. This involves skills and capabilities in different functions and areas, and it is always great to leverage resources which aren’t formal education.

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