Unusual Restaurants in the UK
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Unusual Restaurants in the UK

Are you looking for a unique or entirely out of the box restaurant experience in the UK? Consider these unusual restaurants:

  • Dans Le Noir; this restaurant is, as it sounds, completely dark. The servers are blind and serve you in the pitch black. The menu is a surprise, and you entirely rely on your taste buds to guide you through this journey
  • The Clink; this restaurant allows prisoners the opportunity to learn skills and give back to their community. This restaurant was actually ranked as one of the best in its area and is known for some great food and service.
  • Malmaison; this used to be a prison, so offers a historical and what some call creepy, experience which many visitors flock to daily.
  • Cereal Killer Café; this café is entirely about cereal. All types of cereal that you can imagine are found here. Enjoy a bowl of cereal for dinner! The menu is impressive and will surely wow cereal lovers all over the world.
  • The Attendant Café; this café is currently located in what used to be a public toilet. It is now a very stylish café.