Creating a warm and inviting pub
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Creating a warm and inviting pub

In the UK, a lot of pubs trade on their history and atmosphere. For a new pub or bar, it can take a significant amount of time to build this up. However, choosing the right decor for a new pub can help to create that type of atmosphere much more quickly. This article will run through a few of the things that bar owners should consider when they are working to create a friendly and welcoming environment for their customers.

Consider the colours

Colour makes a huge difference to the way that customers feel in a restaurant, bar or pub. Generally, pastel shades, particularly in spaces with a large amount of natural light can leave people feeling cold if there are no other features (such as a roaring fireplace) that leave the place feeling warm and snug again. Darker colours can work well if they are augmented with natural light or warm lamps that leave guests feeling warm and cosy in the space. There are other ways of decorating a space, such as covering a feature wall with wallpaper that can also leave a great impression on everyone who visits.

Posters and art

Art is a great way of adding some personality to a space. it can be particularly effective in pubs situated in modern buildings that don’t have beams or other original features to lean on when they are working to create an atmosphere. A great place to look for art is a website like Gallerix art and posters. As soon as you log on to Gallerix or a similar site, you’ll be presented with a far larger collection of prints and frames than would be available in any physical art store. Gallerix is well arranged and the art is sorted into categories based on colours and themes, making it easy to find a photo or piece of art that is perfect for almost any space.

Furnishings and other considerations

Most bar owners want to create spaces where their guests will want to linger and enjoy ‘just one more’ drink or snack. the furniture in a bar is very important for this. Firstly, chairs and sofas have to be comfortable. Guests are more likely to get up and move on if they are not comfortable where they are sitting. At the same time, they have to be hard-wearing enough to soak up the problems of everyday life in a pub. Something that can take spills and the occasional broken glass is absolutely essential.

By taking all of these factors into account, you will find it much easier to create a bar or pub that encourages guests in and makes them want to stay with you for a ling period of time.