Opening a Bar or Pub
Types of Restaurants

Opening a Bar or Pub

If you are thinking of opening a new bar or pub, you need to give some thought to your new venture’s style. If it is themed, such as a music bar, then the choice is easy. However, if you are going for something a bit more upmarket such as a gastro-pub or a wine bar, then the selection of appropriate fixtures and fittings can be vital to its success. Don’t forget that the ultimate design of your new business will not only be dictated by you when considering the type of clientele you hope to attract. It will also depend on your new target visitors, and it is here that you will need to go high-end or traditional. The good news is that Trendcarpet offers one of the best selections of online carpets and rugs. The perfect accompaniment to your new bar or pub.

Why Consider Trendcarpet?

Trendcarpet provides a vast selection of rugs that are keenly priced and guaranteed to satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning customers. They offer everything from Afghan and Persian rugs to sheepskin and reindeer hide rugs through to wool and shaggy rugs. What’s more, they are designed to fit every room, such as stair carpets, hallways, children’s rooms and kitchen floor coverings. Of particular interest for those looking for something a bit different is their vast collection of round rugs in many styles. This perfect adornment for your new business venture warrants closer inspection.

Their product range features:

  • Denizli
  • San Francisco
  • Ariana
  • Marrakech
  • London Patch
  • Orkney

as well as many others. This company even offers its own ranges of Trendcarpet Wilton Art Line and Trendcarpet Vintage Luxury. In fact, with the endless choice of materials, styles, colours and sizes, customers are spoilt for choice.


Your new pub or bar’s style and ambience will eventually have a significant influence on its success. Making the right choices at the start of your new business will be vital. Stylish rugs and carpets are the mainstays of any fashionable interiors. A look at Trendcarpets easy to navigate site will make some of your choices so much easier.