Where to Study Hospitality in the UK
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Where to Study Hospitality in the UK

There are many hospitality programmes at universities, colleges and even standalone institutions, which offer courses specific to hospitality and tourism, which are great building blocks and foundational knowledge bases, for managing, and even owning, businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels and pubs. Though these programmes exist all over the world, many students choose to study these essential disciplines in the UK. Students travel from across the globe to some of the top programmes at the following renowned universities and institutions:

  • University of Lincoln; this university offers a widely recognised BA in International Tourism Management. The degree is uniquely designed to focus on the bigger picture, which is the global tourism and hospitality industry. The programme helps students understand the relationships, impacts, and importance of tourism and hospitality on local and global economies, societies and cultures. Given that the programme is international in its focus, the knowledge, skills and experience that students gain are transferable, wherever students and graduates choose to travel, work, explore and live.
  • University of Sunderland; unlike the BA offered by the University of Lincoln, the University of Sunderland offers a BSc in International Tourism and Hospitality. This programme has excellent relationships with employers and therefore provides excellent internships and hands-on experience. Meetings and conferences are a focus of this programme, for those who are interested in that element of restaurant management. You won’t find yourself sitting still in this programme, as field trips include sought after locations such as Barcelona and New York, etc.
  • Bournemouth University; this four-year programme is ranked eighth in the world by the Guardian in terms of hospitality programmes. The course offers exposure to a wide range of situations and allows for a balance of hands-on and classroom learning. The dynamic learning environment caters to different learning styles and teaches students not only about how to manage the food and hospitality elements of restaurants and bars but also about the business and market trend side of things
  • Coventry University: This is an excellent programme for students looking for foundational knowledge in terms of the management side of things. This course is focused more on restaurant management and the managerial side of things. This school also has a great relationship with employers.