Maths Outside the Office: Brewing and Beer
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Maths Outside the Office: Brewing and Beer

If you enjoy maths, and you are looking for a career which has excellent job security and breaks the corporate mould, consider brewing. If you feel that sitting at a desk all day isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe it is worth putting your passion for maths to use outside of the office and trying an alternative career such as one as a brewer.

If you are interested in the art and science of brewing, you can take a single course, or a full degree, and open many different doors in terms of career paths. You can be an in house brewer for a microbrewery, work in the labs or the “trenches” of your favourite big brand beer, you can do market research, teach others about beer or start your own brewing business; the possibilities are endless.

Brewlab is an excellent option for learning all there is to know about brewing. They offer a wide variety of courses and programmes, including introductory level courses for those who may be new to the world of brewing as well as professional development courses for those who may work in hospitality (or a related) industry and be looking to broaden their skills or horizons. Finally, for those who are interested in one particular element of brewing, there are specialist courses and training options to allow you to specialise in whichever area interests you most, from craft brewing to fermentation to packaging and labelling.

Maths and science are key components in every aspect of the brewing and craft brewing process, so education in, and passion for, maths is essential in your success in this sector.