How to Improve your Bar or Pub
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How to Improve your Bar or Pub

Owning or managing a successful bar or pub can present many different challenges, and it is important that you stay up-to-date with current trends as it is an ever-changing industry. You will need to be very well stocked, serve yummy drinks and, most importantly, create events to attract new customers and encourage people to return.

Over Pouring Drinks

You should always make sure that you or your bartenders don’t overpour alcohol into drinks as it can be a very risky mistake to make over the long run, but thankfully it’s easy to fix. You can fix this by using jiggers and measured pourers. Using jiggers when making cocktails for instance will give your customers a consistent drink every time which is very important to keep your customers happy, as well as preventing over pouring to help with profit margins.

Signature Drinks

Creating your own signature drinks is very important as they are unique to your own bar or pub, giving you a competitive edge. Also, when you create your own cocktails you can price them higher than standard alcohol drinks as people will be curious and will want to try them. This will then help to increase your profit margin as well as help make you more memorable to customers. When creating new drinks, it is important to keep in mind who your customers are as different customer bases will typically have different tastes.

Events and Special Offers

Holding events and having special offers are a great way to attract new customers. One good example is to do a happy hour on your quieter nights to draw more people in. The happy hour menu could be made up of discounts on items with a high profit margin, group specials and designated driver discounts. Examples of events you can hold include: quizzes, karaoke, open mic nights and arcade or game nights.

If you follow this advice, you will have no problem getting in new customers as your bar or pub will be able to become a successful and popular place to go to – that people will want to go to for a fun time with their friends.