Choosing Wall Art for Themed Public Houses
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Choosing Wall Art for Themed Public Houses

All pubs want to attract as many guests as possible, but some try for specific demographics to boost trade. For example, there are rock-themed pubs featuring live bands and DJs who specialise in the various form of rock music. There are also karaoke bars where customers like nothing better than to sing their favourite songs to a live audience. Gastropubs are rising in popularity and bridge the gap between traditional pub food and restaurants. There are many other specialist venues, so you need to consider what type of clientele you wish to attract to your establishment.

The Importance of Wall Art

Whatever venue you choose you will have to match the aspirations of your regulars and set the right tone. If your pub features music, then posters and pictures are needed to achieve the right atmosphere. A quick look at the Dear Sam website will provide all the inspiration needed. The company has a vast selection of unique posters ranging from David Bowie to Bob Dylan. Their posters feature sound waves from particular songs and provide an exciting and eye-catching sight for your customers. These posters also create a cool talking point for the regulars.

Gastro-pubs need to create the right ambience for your delicious meal, and Dear Sam has many elegant and stylish designs. Proprietors may want to go with an art deco feel or a vintage style that adds a touch of class and elegance to the surroundings. This could include posters featuring famous painters such as Van Gogh or posters detailing stylish kitchens and food.

Karaoke pubs need fun designs to get their customers in the right mood for singing. Dear Sam can supply fun posters of old master’s artworks, posters depicting fashion and others which feature glamorous individuals and portraits. They also have pictures of famous cities such as London and Paris. They are sure to encourage visitors to perform their favourite songs.

All of the posters mentioned above can enhance the mood and atmosphere of any pub. Many more designs are available at the Dear Sam site.

Picture and Poster Frames

To set off the posters and choice of wall art, the same site also offers an extensive range of poster frames suitable for pictures, paintings and prints. When you have chosen the posters for the wall decor then finish it off with style using a Dear Sam frame. From poster wall hangers, wooden frames to stylish metal designs this site can cater to anyone’s needs. Several colours and finishes are supplied for the frames and hangers ranging from black to silver, white and gold. Make sure of a good match for your wall decorations with the right choice from Dear Sam. Customers won’t be disappointed with the quality and elegance of these wall hangings.