Mistakes to Avoid in Your Bar/Pub Website
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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Bar/Pub Website

Having a professional website is a must if you want your bar and pub business to flourish. You cannot afford to not have an online presence in this digital age. Many people looking for a bar or pub to go and have their drinks will probably do an online search, especially if they are visiting a new city or town. Having a website is not enough. You need to make sure that the site is delivering the intended message. Some of the mistakes bar and pub websites make are as follows.

Not Having an Elaborate Menu

When people visit a bar and pub website, the primary intention is to know what is being served. Have an elaborate menu that is updated regularly. If you have daily specials, you should also mention them on the website so that someone who is planning to visit can know precisely what is on offer. Having a detailed menu saves time because you will not get too many inquiries from people who want to see what you are selling.

Using Poor Photos

You can never receive good feedback from visitors who come to your website if you do not have good photos. A lot of energy and creativity is put into food photography to appeal to the eyes of web users. Do your research and find out how food photography is done so that you can replicate it. Even the drinks that you serve in the bar and pub should be photographed under good lighting and in appealing glasses. Consider hiring a professional photographer if you are not sure how to do photography.

Ignoring Social Media

Any business should have proper social media communication skills. Your social media pages, together with your contact details, should be displayed clearly on the page for people who want to reach you. You should use your social media to improve web traffic.