Top Cocktail Bars and Pubs in London
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Top Cocktail Bars and Pubs in London

For alcohol lovers, the hospitality industry in London is awash with movers and shakers. From new drinking dens to old-school tiki joints, this English capital has them all, making alcohol drinking a way of life, rather than an occasional practice here. Whether you’re after a date night drink or you want to party with your peers, the following tried and tested cocktail bars and pubs will make you feel like a true Londoner.

Sky Pod

Located on Walkie Talkie’s 35th floor, Sky Pod is not only a perfect joint for cocktail but also for those people who want to enjoy a panoramic view of the UK capital at night. Unless you’re on osteoarthritis treatment – alcohol can cause flare-ups – you can choose from a wide range of drinks offered here, which include cinnamon syrup, Disarrono, Hennessy Fine, the Sweet Temptation, among other cocktails. And while the bar is open every day, Wednesday to Friday could be the best days to visit this bar, especially if you want to see your favourite music artists perform live. And with most people here well dressed, you may also want to be in your suit, but no one would question you even if you decided to be in a casual outfit.


Set right in Chinatown’s epicentre, Opium is no doubt one of the top cocktail bars in London, where you can find a wide range of unique cocktails in a peaceful environment. Many people argue that this joint is the best of its kind when it comes to providing Oriental cocktails. All the cocktails here are made from locally produced ingredients.

Callooh Callay

If there is one cocktail bar in London that has what it takes to make anyone gyre and gimble in the wabe, then it is Callooh Callay, whose name is derived from a nonesense poem, Jabberwocky, authoured by Lewis Caroll. You will have options such as the Nuts & Bolts and Big Smoke Gamble, which are favourites for many cocktail lovers.

American Bar

Now, this one is a must inclusion on this list. Launched in 1893, American Bar is perhaps the oldest cocktail bar in the capital, which makes it ideal for people who are after old-school classics. From grapefruit butters and sugar cube to Don Perignon and Grand Marnier, this bar is home to a world of cocktail options.

Other big names which deserve to be mentioned in this write-up include Fitz’s Bar, Nightjar, Happiness Forgets, Ladies and Gentlemen, Bar Termini, and Sexy Fish.