Types of Restaurants
Types of Restaurants

Types of Restaurants

There are countless types of restaurants which exist today. This industry has come a long way from being diners and dives to a dynamic and continually evolving and changing industry:

  • Fast Casual; not to be confused with fast food, fast casual restaurants are very on trend today. These are the restaurants with open kitchens, community seating, no fuss tables and décor. These places typically offer quality menus but are not pages long in terms of menu offerings. The ingredients, offerings and bar menu are unique. The goal here is volume, as in people come, eat, enjoy and then head home.
  • Family Style; these restaurants are great options for, you guessed it, families. Offering a casual atmosphere and family-friendly menu items, these are popular more in the United States
  • Gastropubs; gastropubs combine the elements that people love about a casual pub with what they enjoy about more elegant dining. The décor is refined, they often have small plates and creative menus for those with a more adventurous and somewhat refined palette.
  • Fine Dining; this is an older school term but typically refers to white linens, waiters in suits and upscale a-la-carte menu options. These are great options for those celebrating or who enjoy a classic steak and potatoes meal. More innovating fine dining establishments are popping up with fewer limits or boundaries. Some places offer 12-course tasting menus, others offer a la carte options.
  • Pop Up Restaurants; another hot trend is the concept of a pop up restaurant. These are restaurants that literally pop up. Though a new direction, the idea dates back to the notion of supper clubs in the 1960s. Often the owner or brains behind these operations will go into a space, sometimes as unique as outdoor areas, and create an incredible restaurant with concepts that can be really niche or can target a broader demographic. Often foodies are the most familiar with these, as the marketing isn’t something that is easily accessible to tourists or those not as familiar with the food scene.

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